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AK-NORD GmbH Introducción
AK-NORD GmbH - AK-NORD is a German manufacturer of device servers, print servers, embedded modules, TCP/IP stacks, and interface solutions. Based in northern Germany, AK-NORD has focused on the development of interface solutions since its 1988 founding. Today, AK-NORD is an internationally active company in the field of industrial communication and network solutions, and for over 30 years, it has developed, produced, and distributed efficient, professional, high-quality network products. AK-NORD offers all types of technical solutions required for the modern industrial network connection, including industrial housings, DIN rails, RailPorts, serial/parallel adapters, and embedded module solutions. The embedded AK-TCP/IP stack developed by AK-NORD connects the customer's products with the rest of the world and it can be integrated into a hardware solution with little effort. The AK-TCP/IP stack is used by AK-NORD in its own products and has been successfully integrated into different network structures over 150,000 times.
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