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Samtec Inc. Introducción
Samtec Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C. Board level interconnects. Samtec is a global manufacturer of a broad line of electronic interconnect solutions, including micro pitch board-to-board systems (on .100”, 2 mm, .050”, 1 mm, .8 mm, .635 mm, .5 mm, and .4 mm pitch), high-speed mezzanine systems, high-density arrays, IC-to-Board, Future-Proof/Active Optics, rugged/power systems, and cable assemblies (IDC, discrete wire, sealed/circulars, and high speed). To meet the interconnect challenges of tomorrow and beyond, Samtec has developed Technology Centers dedicated to developing and advancing technologies and products that provide both performance and cost benefits, ensuring complete system optimization from the bare die to an interface 100 meters away, and all interconnect points in between. +More With 33 locations in 18 different countries, including manufacturing facilities in New Albany, Colorado, Oregon, Costa Rica, China, Malaysia and Singapore, Samtec’s global presence enables its unmatched customer service. Samtec was founded in 1976, is privately held, and is ISO 9001 and TS 16949 certified with a 5-A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating, the highest available for a corporation this size. Samtec is recognized as the service leader in the connector industry. -Less
Samtec Inc. productos
Conectores, interconexiones
Conectores rectangulares - Cabezales, clavijas mac
Conectores circulares
Conectores rectangulares - Cabezales, receptáculos
Conectores rectangulares - Separadores de placa, a
Conectores de borde de tarjeta - Conectores Edgebo
Conectores circulares - Carcasas
Conectores rectangulares - Arreglos, Tipo de borde
Conectores de panel posterior - Especializados
Zócalos para circuitos integrados, transistores
Conectores rectangulares - Carcasas
Conectores rectangulares - Suspensión libre, monta
Conectores coaxiales (RF)
Conectores modulares - Jacks
Conectores FFC, FPC (planos flexibles)
Conectores rectangulares - resorte cargado
Conectores circulares - Accesorios
Conectores rectangulares - Contactos
Terminales - Receptáculos de clavija de PC, conect
Conectores rectangulares - Accesorios
Conectores enchufables
Conectores coaxiales (RF) - Adaptadores
Terminales - Pin de PC, conectores de poste único
Conectores de potencia tipo cuchilla
Conectores de memoria - Sockets de tarjeta de PC
Conectores USB, DVI, HDMI
Conectores circulares - Contactos
Conectores de panel posterior - Carcasas
Conectores rectangulares - Entrada de placa, Cable
Conectores modulares - Tapones
Conectores coaxiales (RF) - Accesorios
Shunts, Jumpers
Conectores modulares - Accesorios
Conectores enchufables - Accesorios
Conectores modulares - Adaptadores
Conectores USB, DVI, HDMI - Adaptadores
Conectores de potencia tipo cuchilla - Carcasas
Conectores de borde de tarjeta - Accesorios
Conectores USB, DVI, HDMI - Accesorios
Conectores de potencia tipo cuchilla - Contactos
Conjuntos de cables
Conjuntos de cables rectangulares
Cables de fibra óptica
Cables modulares
Conjuntos de cables circulares
Flat Flex, cables de puente de cinta
Cables coaxiales (RF)
Cables enchufables
Cables USB
Engarzadores, aplicadores, prensas - Accesorios
Arrugadores, Aplicadores, Prensas
Engarzadores - Cabezales de engarce, Juegos de mat
Inserción, Extracción
Herramientas especializadas
Hardware, sujetadores, accesorios
Separadores de placa, separadores
Tableros de apoyo
Prueba y medición
Puntos de prueba