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SWITCHCRAFT® Introducción
SWITCHCRAFT® - SWITCHCRAFT®, founded in 1946, is headquartered in Chicago, IL USA and still manufactures product in Chicago today. In 1999, SWITCHCRAFT® acquired Conxall®, located in Villa Park, IL, a leading manufacturer of harsh environment connectors and custom cable assemblies, adding to the already extensive line of SWITCHCRAFT® connector products. +More SWITCHCRAFT®, Inc. is a leading US based manufacturer of connectors, jacks, plugs, switches, molded cable assemblies and patchbays. SWITCHCRAFT® products are used in a variety of applications from broadcast and pro audio to medical, lighting, security, transportation and other industrial applications. Experience and attention to detail make Switchcraft a leader in Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions. Conxall manufactures a wide range of circular sealed plastic connectors and molded cable assemblies. In addition to their line of standard product they also specialize in custom cable assemblies and connector options. Conxall products are used in a wide variety of applications, especially those requiring protection from harsh environmental conditions. Experience and attention to detail make Conxall a leader in Harsh Environment Connectivity Solutions. -Less
SWITCHCRAFT® productos
Conectores, interconexiones
Conectores circulares
Conectores circulares - Carcasas
Conectores D-Sub
Conectores coaxiales (RF)
Conectores modulares - Jacks
Conectores circulares: carcasas traseras y abrazad
Conectores de entrada de alimentación: entradas, s
Conectores circulares - Accesorios
Conectores coaxiales (RF) - Adaptadores
Conectores USB, DVI, HDMI
Conectores circulares - Contactos
Conectores de fibra óptica - Adaptadores
Conectores D-Sub, D-Shaped - Accesorios
Barril - Conectores de audio
Conectores circulares - Adaptadores
Conectores modulares - Tapones
Conectores modulares - Accesorios
Barril - Conectores de potencia
Conectores D-Sub, en forma de D - Adaptadores
Conectores modulares - Adaptadores
Adaptadores entre series
Conectores USB, DVI, HDMI - Adaptadores
Conectores USB, DVI, HDMI - Accesorios
Barril - Adaptadores de audio
Barril - Accesorios
Interruptores de pulsador
Interruptores de palanca
Acción rápida, interruptores de límite
Interruptores basculantes
Accesorios - Gorras
Interruptores deslizantes
Conjuntos de cables
Conjuntos de cables circulares
Cables D-Sub
Cables USB
Energía, cables de línea y cables de extensión
Cables Adaptadores Entre Series
Cables de video (DVI, HDMI)
Barrel - Cables de audio
Barrel - Cables de alimentación
Engarzadores, aplicadores, prensas - Accesorios
Arrugadores, Aplicadores, Prensas
Engarzadores - Cabezales de engarce, Juegos de mat
Inserción, Extracción
Punchdown, cuchillas
Sensores, Transductores
Cable sensor - Ensambles
Cable sensor - Accesorios
Cajas, Cerramientos, Bastidores
Patchbay, Jack Panels
Patchbay, Jack Panel Accesorios
Hardware, sujetadores, accesorios
Tornillos, pernos
Arandelas - Bujes, Hombro
Productos de audio