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TPK America LLC Introducción
TPK America LLC - TPK America LLC provides high quality, projected capacitive touch products to its customers. TPK America LLC designs and manufactures embedded touch displays, touch sub-systems, and touch monitors in multiple sizes for OEM/ODMs and system integrators to help them quickly add an advanced touch interface to their products. TPK America LLC was founded by industry pioneers in the touch device market with a vision of enabling the proliferation of intelligent connected touch devices.
TPK America LLC productos
Módulos de pantalla - LCD, OLED, gráfico
Superposiciones de pantalla táctil
Tableros de Desarrollo, Kits, Programadores
Placas de evaluación - integradas - MCU, DSP
Automatización industrial y controles
Interfaz hombre-máquina (HMI)
Equipo de computadora